Are the “groups” on Wazzup just university-sponsored clubs and organizations? 

Nope! Our groups include anything and everything, from niche hobbies, to common classes, to official university clubs, and more! Some examples of popular Wazzup groups at UR include: Baking Buddies, Gaming Squad, The Official Bob Ross Fan Club, BIO 110 Study Group, and Quidditch Club. 

How are Wazzup groups created? 

The vast majority of groups on Wazzup are student-created. Wazzup was launched with a handful of generic groups (like Movie Reviewers and Soccer Fans), but any user can create a group if they don’t see one that meets their interests. Once a group is created, it will be available for other users to join, and there is no single group administrator. 


Can graduate students use Wazzup?

Yes! We encourage users from all academic levels at the University of Rochester to use Wazzup and connect with different groups. 

I’m an introvert and not naturally out-going. Will I still be able to make friends using Wazzup?

YES! This is specifically why we designed Wazzup to match people into groups instead of one-on-one. A group setting (though it can be intimidating at first) encourages a sense of community and common connection. Plus, around half of all people are extroverts, so someone in your group is bound to reach out and initiate more conversation! 


Can I report or leave a group?

Yes! You can report a group by filling out a brief questionnaire found in the settings widget on your main screen. All members are free to join or leave groups whenever they so choose.


Is my information safe on Wazzup?

Yes! The development team at Wazzup prioritizes user security, and no information that users input on our app is ever shared with a third party. Our security practices are constantly being updated and improved to ensure that no user’s privacy is compromised. 


Are conversations monitored to prevent harassment, inappropriate content, and discrimination? 

When agreeing to the House Rules, users acknowledge that any form of discrimination against other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, creed, or identity is strictly forbidden. Our team at Wazzup takes code of conduct violations very seriously, and the Wazzup administrators reserve the right to delete a group and suspend users if they violate the established House Rules. 


How can Wazzup ensure that users are following COVID-19 safety protocol?

Wazzup encourages responsible meetups by recommending COVID-safe meeting locations and activities. The app provides its users with a plethora of resources and information on how to stay safe in the time of a viral pandemic. The purpose of our app is to connect people. Ultimately, Wazzup is not responsible for any reckless or irresponsible behavior committed by its users. 

If you would like to learn more about COVID safety, please visit the CDC’s website or WHO’s website


What are the risks involved with using Wazzup?

If users are found breaking their school’s or jurisdiction’s COVID-19 safety guidelines, they are subject to any punishment that their institution sees fit. Wazzup is not responsible for any repercussions the user might face for their careless behavior.



If you have a question or would like more information about Wazzup feel free to send us an email!