Our team represented three out of the four undergraduate classes at UR and belonged to a variety of majors. We were lucky to have a team of diverse ages and skill sets - it helped us brainstorm many ideas and divide the work according to our strengths. 

Ben Noe

Website Designer

Major: Data Science

Wazzup Groups: Sports analytics, rowing, app development, video games, investing, and chess. 

Liam O'Leary

Graphic & Website Designer

Major: Digital Media Studies Wazzup Groups: Drawing, arts, music, food, video games, movies, psychology, and reading. 

Dustin Paden

Graphic Designer

Major: Digital Media Studies & Psychology

Minor: Studio Arts

Wazzup Groups: Painting, music, plants, reading, and baking. 

Regan Collins

Video Editor & Design Artist

Major: Environmental Science & Digital Media Studies

Wazzup Groups: Art, movies, nature, Shakespeare, reading, and sustainability. 

Jenn Kim

Documentation & Organization

Major: Music Performance & Digital Media Studies

Wazzup Groups: Photography, food, music, arts, travel, movies, and cooking.

Skye Ehlert

Research & Website Designer

Major: Digital Media Studies, Studio Arts, & Theatre

Wazzup Groups: Art, reading, photography, video games, music.